Board Officers

    • President: Catherine Zavorskas
    • Vice President: TBD
    • Second Vice President Hospitality – Maureen Starace
    • Recording Secretary: Gail Chester
    • Corresponding Secretary: Justin Dapolito
    • Treasurer: Kurtis Roinestad


  • Barry Orr
  • Janilee Yanny
  • TBD
      • Justin Dapolito
      • Mary Lou Diecker
      • Scott Mazzella
      • Daisy Orr
      • Kurtis Roinestad
      • Maureen Starace
      • Janilee Yanny


Matawan Town Historian: Kurtis Roinestad


Our wonderful volunteers help the Matawan Historical Society in countless ways. Whether helping with one event or all of them, every effort is deeply appreciated.

We would like to encourage you to become a volunteer with the Matawan Historical Society! Come to our next meeting and find out how you can help!