300th Anniversary LogoThe Matawan Historical Society is proud to present a historic event coming June 2nd – 4th in honor of the Burrowes Mansion of Main Street and its 300 years of history. The home was owned by the Burrowes family- true American Patriots who risked their lives and wealth to support America’s fight for Independence.  John Burrowes, a member of the Sons of Liberty, and his family provided crucial supplies for Washington’s troops during the American Revolutionary War. The Burrowes’ home became the assembly spot of the first New Jersey Militia and was attacked in 1778, where several patriots lost their lives in the battle. An example was made of the Burrowes Mansion when all its contents were burned, along with all the surrounding granaries and family property.

SkirmishThe Matawan Historical Society is going all out to commemorate this significant event of Matawan history and needs your support. For the first time in nearly four decades, a reenactment of the raid will be held at the Burrowes Mansion and will include a live broadcast and an entire weekend of events.
We have retained a professional reenactment organization to perform
throughout the weekend. The events will include:

  • Attack on Burrowes Mansion Reenactment
  • Burrowes Mansion Tours
  • Firearms/Cannon firings & demonstrations
  • Colonial Encampment
  • Cocktail Sponsor Reception
  • Candlelight Vigil
  • Craft & Trade Demonstration Kiosks
  • Historic Sites Walking Tour

To help us support this event, please become a Booster or a Sponsor by visiting our sponsorship page.