Matawan’s long history is filled with interesting stories of unique people and events.

Bell Laboratories Experimental Station at Cliffwood

While there has been much focus on the Bell Laboratories facility in Holmdel, NJ as the site of Karl Jansky’s discovery of radio waves from the center of our Milky [...]

Matawan’s Old Well

All the wells in Matawan didn’t end well. While researching information for the Surname Project, Matawan Historical Society genealogist Mark Chidichimo came across this Matawan Journal article (The Old Well) [...]

May 27, 1778: The Raid on the Burrowes Mansion

May 27, 1778: The Raid on the Burrowes Mansion The Burrowes family were no friends of the Tories.  As a grain and produce merchant, John Burrowes, Sr., provided local Patriots [...]

Hornor’s ‘Colonial Matawan’

William Stockton Hornor was born in Matawan, NJ on January 10, 1866.  He worked as a teacher in the Matawan school system and later as an attorney.  He became interested [...]

Fallout From the 1778 Burrowes Raid: Revolutionary War Damage Claim

This document is taken from the New Jersey State Archives.  It represents a damage claim filed by Benjamin Helme, a New York City Attorney, for the loss of property destroyed [...]