Allaway, Donald

Name: Donald Allaway, PFC, USA Local address: 16 Ivy Way, Aberdeen, NJ Donald, born July 22, 1945 in Passaic, NJ, was the third of five children of Vernon Charles Allaway [...]

Banke, Arris Gordon

Name: Banke, Arris Gordon, Aviation Cadet, USNR Local address: 64 Wycoff Street, Matawan, NJ Arris, born October 1, 1923 in Matawan, was the only child of Adolph Adam Banke (1886-1968) [...]

Dernberger, William Lyon

Name: Dernberger, William Lyon, LT (jg), USNR Local address: 4 Edgemere Drive, Matawan, NJ William was born January 19, 1917 in Matawan to Joseph Andrew Dernberger (1889-1974) and Rena C. [...]

Durante, George Thomas

Name: Durante, George Thomas, PFC, USA Address: 49 Gerard Ave, Aberdeen, NJ (home was demolished during Garden State Parkway construction) The Durante family has roots in San Lupo, Italy, and [...]

Durante, Luke John

Name: Durante, Luke John, CPM, USN Local address: 6 Main St, Matawan, NJ Luke’s father Giovanni “John” Durante (1885-1955) was yet another Italian immigrant from San Lupo, Italy, who came [...]

Frank, Phillip Edward

Name: Phillip Edward Frank, LCPL, USMC Local address: Cliffwood Beach, NJ Phillip was born July 5, 1983 in Red Bank, NJ to Roy and Georgette Frank, their second and last [...]

Giugliano, John

Name: Giugliano, John, PFC, USA Local address: 16 Main Street, Matawan, NJ John, born April 22, 1927 in Matawan, was the youngest of five children of Italian immigrant Pasquale “Patsy” [...]

Haddock, Edward

Name: Edward Haddock, PFC, USMC Local address: 26 Idaho Lane, Aberdeen, NJ Courtney John Gilpin Haddock (1915-1987) and Helen Marguerite Glassmeyer (1918-1975) were married July 25, 1941 in Asbury Park [...]

McElvaine, Wilbur

Name: McElvaine, Wilbur, PVT, USMC Local address: 42 Wilson Avenue, Matawan, NJ Wilbur had the unhappy distinction of being the first area resident killed in WWII. The youngest of four [...]

Millar, Charles Patrick

Name: Charles Patrick Millar, SGT, USA Local address: 188 Greenwood Ave, Cliffwood Beach, NJ Charles was the second child of Carl J. Millar (1904-1955), a chauffeur, and Kathleen McCormack (1905-1969). [...]

Parisi, Emelio Anthony

Name: Parisi, Emelio Anthony, PFC, USA Local address: 11 Orchard St, Matawan, NJ (I believe a new residence exists at this location now.) Emelio, born June 6, 1919 in Freehold, [...]