On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Burrowes Mansion (June 3rd and 4th 2023), the Matawan Historical Society sponsored a self-guided walking tour of selected homes in the Matawan Historic District.  The tour does not include all historic homes and other sites in town; it was designed to be part of the activities related to the Burrowes Mansion celebration.  However, there are plans to expand the project to include more locations and information, and to maintain an ongoing database of historic home data.  This project will be continued by the Society’s Historic Homes Committee.

A booklet summarizing all tour stops is available from the Historical Society.  Titled A Self-Guided Walking Tour of the Matawan Historic District, it includes summary information for each location and QR codes that point to more detailed descriptions on this website.  Watch for online ordering information — coming soon!

The following map and table of contents provide information about each location on the tour.

Walking Tour: Interactive Map

Walking Tour Locations

Click on the location Description for detailed information.

No. Address Description
1 74 Main Street Episcopal Church, A Salute
2 76 Main Street Bray House
3 80 Main Street Longstreet House
4 85 Main Street Reseau Brown House
5 91 Main Street Hendrickson House
6 94 Main Street Burrowes Mansion
7 98 Main Street Eskesen House Site (Gulf Station)
8 99 Main Street Cartan House
9 106 Main Street Dell’s Market Site, Papa Ganache
10 109 Main Street Hayward/Conover House
11 110 Main Street Atlantic Glass
12 113 Main Street Garret Hier House/Jerry Beyers
13 114 Main Street Sandford’s Pharmacy (Original Site)
14 116 Main Street Cork N Bottle
15 117-119 Main Street Maloney’s Pub/Benz Barbershop
16 123-127 Main Street Matawan Hotel
17 122-126 Main Street Arrowsmith/Town Center
18 128 Main Street Sandford’s Pharmacy (Last Location)
19 138 Main Street Maghan Insurance
20 147 Main Street First Methodist Church Site
21 154 Main Street Donnell Store
22 155-157 Main Street Post Office
23 166 Main Street YMCA
24 167 Main Street Longstreet/Lloyd House
25 171 Main Street Griggs House
26 177 Main Street Potter’s Folly
27 185 Main Street Geran House
28 192 Main Street Masonic Lodge
29 196 Main Street Simpson House
30 197 Main Street Methodist Parsonage
31 201 Main Street Fountain House
32 204 Main Street Arrowsmith House
33 205 Main Street Lydia Arrowsmith House
34 208 Main Street Baier House
35 209 Main Street Dr. Jackson House
36 210 Main Street Dr. Knecht House
37 211 Main Street Cherry Hall
38 213 Main Street Terhune House
39 222 Main Street Chapman House
40 226 Main Street Ryer House
41 171 Broad Street Van Wickle House
42 10 Church Street Middletown Pt Academy/Glenwood
43 13 Church Street Middletown Pt Academy (Orig. Location)
44 14 Church Street Toad Hall
45 4 Fountain Avenue Stanley Fisher House
46 14 Ravine Drive Old Hospital

Gallery of Walking Tour Homes

Broad Street – 171

The Van Wickle House Built c.1900. It served as a dentist office until 1929. Orville Van Wickle was a dentist but also became Postmaster in 1889 prior to his appointment [...]

Church Street – 10

The Middletown Point Academy/Glenwood Institute The Middletown Point Academy was established by William Little in 1834 and located at 13 Church St. It started with only two students: Henry Stafford [...]

Church Street – 13

Middletown Point Academy (Original Location) This was the original location of the Middletown Point Academy in 1834. It moved to 10 Church St. in 1857.  Around 1900, the original 13 [...]

Church Street – 14

Toad Hall The first owner and resident was Charles Jefferson Wright. He was Lieutenant Colonel of 27th Regiment of the colored troops in the Civil War. He commanded the troops [...]

Main Street – 106

Dell's Market This location was originally a hat store owned by Mr. Hawkins who made hats to order. It was known for decades as Dell’s Meats. Francis (Frank) A. Dell [...]

Main Street – 109

Hayward - Conover House This house was purchased in the 1860s by Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Hayward. Mr. Hayward operated a slaughterhouse a short distance from this house, on [...]

Main Street – 110

Atlantic Glass This building housed several car dealerships over sixty years beginning in 1915. From 1915 to 1919, it was Bushnell’s Garage and then renamed to Bushnell Motors. From 1922 [...]

Main Street – 113

Garrett Hier - Beyers This home was occupied by Capt. Garrett Hier (1797 -1856). He married Sarah and built his home using stone and wood from his schooner days. He [...]

Main Street – 114

Sandfords Pharmacy (Original Site) This was the site of Sandford’s Pharmacy, but by the 1920s Sandford had moved to 128 Main Street. The upstairs portion was the location of the [...]

Main Street – 116

Wooley Hardware / Cork N Bottle In the 1920s this was the home of the Monmouth Fruit and Vegetable Market. By the early 1930s it was Mazzie Shoemakers. In 1936 [...]

Main Street – 117-119

Maloney's Pub - Benz's Barbershop - Ryan Brothers Stationery Thomas Tassini, an Italian immigrant, came to Matawan in 1900. He operated a business at this location as a cigar, fruit, [...]

Main Street – 122-126

Arrowsmith/Bell's Market/Town Center This property was originally owned by William E. Arrowsmith.  Later, it was the Bell Beef Company originally started by Abraham Belafsky as Bell Meat Company.  Other accounts [...]

Main Street – 123-125-127

Matawan Hotel The Matawan Hotel was purchased by Tunis Ten Eyck from Cornelius Weldon in 1836. The vast property (4.5 acres) reached from Main St to Gravelly Brook, well before [...]

Main Street – 128

Sandford's Pharmacy (Last Location) The very first movie theater in Matawan was at this location showing silent films movies such as “the Perils of Pauline.”  Mrs. Leary masterfully played the [...]

Main Street – 138

Maghan Insurance This store was erected by Fred Schock, a tobacconist. (b. 1853). A number of the buildings here were used for storage for carriages.  The Reid & Craig carriage [...]

Main Street – 147

First Methodist Episcopal Church Site In 1836, the Methodist Church was initially incorporated as First United Methodist Church of Matawan, NJ. It was built on Jackson Street at the current [...]

Main Street – 154

Mrs. Donnell's Store The first proprietor, Asbury Fountain, was a prominent local merchant and president of the Farmers and Merchants Bank in 1860. This building was known as the Fountain, [...]

Main Street – 155-157

The Many Post Office Buildings of Matawan The first US Postmaster appointed to Middletown Point (Matawan) was Jonathan Forman (circa 1795). The US Post Office was renamed Matawan in 1865.  [...]

Main Street – 166

The Community YMCA According to 1873 and 1889 maps, this was originally the location of M. Bissell and Son Furniture. Above the store was Thomas E. Clark’s Millinery and Fancy [...]

Main Street – 167

The Longstreet/Lloyd House This house was owned by D. S. Stillwell between 1850-1870. Aaron Longstreet moved to this address in 1873. Longstreet previously owned the house at 80 Main street.  [...]

Main Street – 171

The Griggs House This was the home Benjamin Griggs (1811-1886), a local grocer. At the age of 60, he became a tax assessor, and his son was listed as a [...]

Main Street – 177

Potter's Folly S. Potter purchased the residence in 1836. He was a lumber merchant from New York. He tried to establish a boarding school in the building but was unsuccessful.  [...]

Main Street – 185

The Geran House In the 1860s, Gordon D. White lived and operated a stove and tin emporium here. White was born about 1823 in New Jersey. He was living with [...]

Main Street – 192

Masonic Hall In 1853, Francis P Simpson built the Washington Hall playhouse. There were several stores downstairs, such as William Spader’s lumber business and a drug store.  There were five [...]

Main Street – 196

The Simpson House This home was owned by Francis Peterson Simpson (d. 1861) and his wife Charlotte (nee Vanderbilt). He was born in England came to this country and became [...]

Main Street – 197

THE Methodist Parsonage In 1867 this land was owned by Asbury Fountain. He sold this lot to the “Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of the Village of Matawan.”  The [...]

Main Street – 201

The Fountain House This land was originally owned by the Capt. John Schanck family and was purchased from William Parker. He came from a prominent New England family and was [...]

Main Street – 204

The Arrowsmith House Some references state that this house was built in the 1850s. This house was owned by the Arrowsmiths.  The Arrowsmith brothers (William and Henry) handled funeral arrangements [...]

Main Street – 205

The Lydia Arrowsmith House The 1851 map shows the Daniel B. Strong (1810-1886) tailor shop at this house. He expanded to cloth manufacturing and selling sewing machines “on time”.  He [...]

Main Street – 208

The Baier House The Arrowsmith family owned a great deal of property in Matawan.  Simon lived here in his younger years, but another Arrowsmith -- Thomas Henry (1803-1895) -- might [...]

Main Street – 209

Dr. Jackson House The 1851 map shown below indicates that was the site of Conover’s General Store and G. P. Conover lived next door at 211 Main Street. The current [...]

Main Street – 210

The Dr. Knecht House As shown in the 1873 map of Matawan below, this was the home of Dr. Judson Shackelton (1836-1883).  He was a beloved Matawan doctor and a [...]

Main Street – 211

Cherry Hall Cherry Hall was named for the cherry orchard located behind the house at the time of its construction. This house is believed to have been built with bricks [...]

Main Street – 213

The Terhune House This land was once a cow pasture and was owned by Dayton and Crawford until purchased by Judge Henry Stafford Terhune.  The land extended to Broad Street [...]

Main Street – 222

The Chapman House Research indicates that Dr. David C. English lived here in the 1820s. Miss O. Atherton rented this home while employed as an educator at the Middletown Point [...]

Main Street – 226

The Ryer House Built by David Ryer, a prosperous New York merchant.  This house is referred to as Second Empire French style Victorian.  David C. Ryer was a highly successful [...]

Main Street – 74

Trinity Episcopal Church This Episcopal Church was founded by their congregation in 1850. The construction of this building was sponsored by Colonel John Travers who lived on Cheesequake Creek. It [...]

Main Street – 76

The Bray House One of the first people to live here was Sydney Bray, b. May 25, 1822. The 1851 map indicates the structure belongs to S Bray. He was [...]

Main Street – 85

Reseau Brown House This home was owned by Reseau Brown in 1851. He was born Jan. 15, 1826, and became a master carpenter.  His carpentry abilities are evident from this [...]

Main Street – 91

Hendrickson House This Home was owned by Garret D. Hendrickson and then purchased by Aaron Horner for his mother’s use (stated in the 1831 deed for Rebecca Demarest). This home [...]

Main Street – 98

Eskesen House This lot was once a lumberyard owned by Longstreet and Bray. Later, it became known as the Eskesen property.  Bennett K. Eskesen, a Danish sea captain lived here. [...]

Main Street – 99

Cartan House This home originally belonged to Andrew Cartan. He was a well-known and a lifelong resident of Matawan. He worked as a Telegraph operator, in both Matawan & South [...]

Ravine Drive – 14

The Old Hospital This home was used as a hospital during the Revolutionary War.  It was the site of a bloody skirmish on May 23, 1779 between the Patriots and [...]