Main Street – 222

The Chapman House

222-main-mp-academyResearch indicates that Dr. David C. English lived here in the 1820s. Miss O. Atherton rented this home while employed as an educator at the Middletown Point Academy. She supervised “fine young ladies” that boarded here while attending school at the academy.

222-main-mapThis house was the residence of Captain Joseph Holt Chapman from
1850 to 1904. Mr. and Mrs. Holt lived in this house in 1889. Sarah Holt was
Captain Chapman’s daughter.

In the 1904 Eggleston family lived here. They purchased the home form John L. Thorne. Sidney Bruce Eggleston worked in Matawan. He leased the Antisell piano factory and developed the Matawan Steel and Iron Company. He sold his interest in the company in 1914.  He later became a manager of the Flanders Hotel in NYC.  He was elected Mayor of Matawan in 1909 and had sidewalks installed throughout town.  He was one of the organizers of the Matawan Bank and became a director.  He died on July 18, 1919, of a brain tumor. His wife Justine C. (nee Breen) worked as a as a stenographer in the Board of Education following his death.  Justine was the former president of the Matawan Women’s Club.  She died in 1963.

In 1965 Kenn Duncan (a retired dancer and professional photographer) and Frank Rizzo made renovations to the home.

The Levine Family lived here from 1973 to 1985.  They also made renovations deemed historically accurate and exposed the original beams in the home.

Architectural Notes

Built c. 1780.  Federal with colonial revival alterations.  The hand-carved Federal style doorways are among the best examples of their kind in Monmouth County.   Delicate fan shapes and slender flanking sidelights on the doorway.


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