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The Middletown Point Academy/Glenwood Institute

  • 10-church-littleThe Middletown Point Academy was established by William Little in 1834 and located at 13 Church St. It started with only two students: Henry Stafford Little and Margaret Little.  However, it quickly grew and by 1838, it expanded to 84 students.10-church-middletown-point-academy
  • In 1857, the Academy built a new building at this location and then became the Collegiate Institute of Middletown Point.
  • It expanded in 1874 and became the Glenwood Institute.10-church-glenwoodSome noteworthy people who attended school here are:Garrett Augustus Hobart (born June 3, 1844).  U.S. Vice President under William McKinley (1896). Hobart died in office on November 21, 1899.

    Joseph D. Bedle, (b. January 5, 1831, Matawan, N.J.). Bedle was the 23rd Governor of New Jersey (1875 -1878) and an Honorary Member of the Sons of the Cincinnati.

  • This institution became the Matawan Military Academy in 1908.
  • It became the Glenwood Apartments around 1920.

Architectural Notes

Built 1857.  Italianate style.  Wide eaves and broad frieze brackets.  Tall sash windows: 11 bay regular and 4 bay wing.  Three doors have transom lights.

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