Main Street – 117-119

Maloney’s Pub – Benz’s Barbershop – Ryan Brothers Stationery

Thomas Tassini, an Italian immigrant, came to Matawan in 1900. He operated a business at this location as a cigar, fruit, and confectionary store.  He died in 1929.

The business was taken over in 1929 by his son, John L Tassini (born in April 1900).  John married on Dec. 31, 1929; his best man was Dr. Gerard Devlin. In the mid 1940s, the shop became United Cigar Store. In the 1950s, John made a living selling Real Estate and Insurance.

Various owners:

By 1947, the United Cigar Store was owned by Chester Walling.

In 1951, Ryan Brothers Stationery enlarged the store. They sold cigars, had a popular soda fountain, and sold gifts, cameras, film processing and equipment, and stationery.

117-main-Ryans119 Main Street later became Joe Pepp’s Bistro. Its proprietor, Louis Tomasello, named the restaurant for his late father Giuseppe “Joe Pepp” Tomasello.  It was known for Italian food and live weekly entertainment. It opened in 1990.

Later, around 2007, it became Maloney’s Pub and Grill serving fine food. The Pub features a microbrewery and a large assortment of beers.

117-main-maloneysMore recently 117 was Tony’s Barber shop and now Benz’s Barbershop.


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