Main Street – 154

Mrs. Donnell’s Store

154-main-fountainThe first proprietor, Asbury Fountain, was a prominent local merchant and president of the Farmers and Merchants Bank in 1860. This building was known as the Fountain, Horner and Sons brick store.

This was later The Matawan Variety Store selling154-main-variety notions (thread and other materials for sewing).  It was owned by Mrs. Lydia Disbrow. Her husband, John, was a constable and auctioneer.



154-main-schockIn 1891, widow Rosa F. Schock purchased the building, and her sons, Mathias and Charles ran a dry goods store. They lived in the apartment above the store. In 1915, she sold the store to her son, Charles. At that time, he was newly married to Helen Terhune. Rosa died in March 1940 and is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.

By 1940, Mrs. Donnell owned the Friendly Shop clothing store. She ran this store for over 20 years.  Later, it became the ARC Thrift Store.




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