Main Street – 85

Reseau Brown House

This home was owned by Reseau Brown in 1851. He was born Jan. 15, 1826, and became a master carpenter.  His carpentry abilities are evident from this structure. He also built the Dr. Shackleton house (210 Main Street) in 1869.

85 main - newIn 1870 he commenced building one of the first houses in the Camp Meeting City in Ocean Grove. He moved there in 1872 and owned the first cottage built there.

By 1900, he became a Cigar Storekeeper in Asbury Park. His grave can be found in Rose Hill Cemetery.

85 main brown deathThis was the residence of Herbert Sprague, the founder of Sprague Oil Company, in 1939.

85 main - spragueAnother resident was Jacob Burdge Wooley.  He was a merchant of dry goods and drugs.


Architectural Notes

Built c. 1830, Greek Revival. Portico is supported by Doric Columns and has a broad frieze with tracery and a window inside the pediment.

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