Main Street – 109

Hayward – Conover House

This house was purchased in the 1860s by Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Hayward. Mr. Hayward operated a slaughterhouse a short distance from this house, on Main Street. They remodeled this house in 1871 using carpenter D. L. Walker and mason Jonathan M. Hulsart.

Later, ownership was transferred to Carrie (Hayward) Conover from her mother in 1890. Beginning in 1918, rooms were advertised for rent.

It was also called the Odd Fellows building (1920).

109-main-shopThe house was used as a variety shop in the 1920s.

Carrie Conover rented this house to the Chief of Police, Edwin Sloat. He lived there in 1930.

Architectural Notes

Built prior to 1860.  It was remodeled and enlarged c. 1871.  The structure is considered Victorian Italianate.  Note the double doorway with segmental head and rope molds and pronounced cornices.


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