Main Street – 197

THE Methodist Parsonage

197-main-fountainIn 1867 this land was owned by Asbury Fountain. He sold this lot to the “Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of the Village of Matawan.”  The church wanted it for living space for their ministers, as it was getting more difficult to rent homes near the church.

The map below, from 1873, identifies the building as M. E. Pars. The building was completed on July 18, 1868. Reverend Relyea was the first pastor to occupy the parsonage.

197-main-mapIn 1841, the Church was made a regular station and pastors transferred here every two years.  References suggest that well over 40 reverends made this residence their home over the years.

Weddings and Church Socials were a common occurrence at this residence.


Wedding dress from the 1880s:

The church owned this residence between 1868 and 1972.

Architectural Notes

Built in 1867. The popular styles of architecture at this time were: Stick, Queen Anne and Folk Victorian style.  This house possesses elements of each of those styles.  Two-story with a single-story porch cover part or all of the front façade.  All include porches with spindle work detailing.  It has a front facing gable with asymmetrical floor plans.

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