Main Street – 122-126

Arrowsmith/Bell’s Market/Town Center

This property was originally owned by William E. Arrowsmith.  Later, it was the Bell Beef Company originally started by Abraham Belafsky as Bell Meat Company.  Other accounts mention that Samuel Bell started the butcher shop; it opened in 1916.

122-main-bell-beefWhen Calvin Miles Bell returned from WWII, he took over operations of the family business, butcher shop and grocery store called Bell Beef Co. after the early death of his father. In 1951 Calvin and his son Scott joined Foodtown Supermarkets.122-main-bell-beef-ad

A 1965 fire destroyed the original Foodtown Building. They rebuilt the Foodtown and expanded the store. Foodtown closed their doors in 1993 and the building became Spirits Unlimited liquor store. Harris Hardware moved to the store, followed by the C-Town supermarket. The building was finally demolished, and the new Town Center opened in 2021.


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