Main Street – 171

The Griggs House

This was the home Benjamin Griggs (1811-1886), a local grocer. At the age of 60, he became a tax assessor, and his son was listed as a grocer.  The Griggs owned this house throughout the second half of the 1800s.

171-main-griggsThe residence was then owned by William H. Stillwell. In the 1920s, Henry (1890-1934) and Mary Hutchinson (1890-1948) purchased this home. The Matawan Journal mentioned the purchase and stated that they planned to put an extension on the home and rent out the other half of the residence.  Henry was a baker and owned a bakery in Keyport.  Their daughter Sadie and her husband, Frank Hulsart, lived here as well. In 1922, their other married daughter, Elizabeth Brower, died.

Mary Hutchinson was a past president of the Chiropean Club, which was devoted to bringing women together and being helpful to other women (as well as society in general). She died and left the home to her granddaughter, Dorothy Hulsart Walling.

171-main-booksIn the 1950s, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gerber Holland lived here. Mrs. Holland was active in a variety of organizations, and in 1959, she hosted the first meeting of “The Great Books Discussion Group” here. This group met twice a month and was devoted to reading and discussing classic literature.



Architectural Notes

Built  C. 1790. Five Bay with Federal Style elements. Foundation fieldstone with clapboard siding.  It is believed that this house was built in two parts. It is counted among one of the oldest homes in town.

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