Burrowes Mansion Flag


The Matawan Historical Society is offering a unique wooden flag as a gift to the first 25 patrons that donate $500.

These unique wooden flags are true American and Matawan historical artifacts. Each one is made exclusively of wood salvaged from the scalloped shingles of Burrowes Mansion. A limited amount of these shingles were removed in 2017 during the historical restoration. These recovered/salvaged shingles previously spent three centuries affixed to the mansion overlooking Main Street in Matawan at a time before the United States was even a concept in this New Jersey Colony. The shingles were present on the home when the British attempted to burn it down in 1778 to halt the process of the American Revolution.

The flags are approximately 21“ x 13“. Each flag is very much one-of-a-kind. Their dimensions may slightly vary as each piece of wood is unique. The holes in each of the pieces are from hand-forged blacksmith nails used to affix them to the building. Thickness is also varied, depending on their previous locations on the exterior of the home where they were weathered over the centuries.

Each flag will have a numerical serial number, along with a brass insignia designating it as an original part of the mansion.

Please note that due to the time involved in making each flag, dates for distribution will be later this year.

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Thank you for your support,

The Matawan Historical Society