Burrowes Mansion

94 Main Street Recognized by its hand-split, round-cut shingles and gambrel roof, Matawan’s most important colonial house is associated with John Burrowes, Sr., a grain merchant known as “Corn King”

Hunn House

19 Mill Road Also known as the Hawkins House This Dutch-American house, identified by its steeply pitched roof with flared overhanging eaves and anchorbent framing, is the oldest house in

Stillwell Fisher

Saturday, July 15: Matawan

Stanley Fisher and Lester Stillwell have separate funeral services. Both are interred at Rosehill Cemetery in Matawan. The Fisher family used money from a life insurance policy ($7,500) Mr. Fisher

Friday, July 14: Matawan

Friday, July 14: Matawan

NJ Governor James Fielder “virtually mandated” that steel wire mesh be used to enclose all popular swimming locations. 5:30 am: Train conductor Harry Van Cleaf spots Lester Stillwell’s body floating