Thursday, July 6: Spring Lake

Charles Bruder was a 28-year-old Bell Captain at the Essex and Sussex Hotel in Spring Lake. Originally from Switzerland, Charles was supporting his mother, who was still living in Lucerna, Switzerland.

Approx. 1:45 pm: Charles took his lunch break with coworker Henry Nolan and they headed to the beach for their usual lunch-time swim.

Approx. 2:15 pm: Charles joined his friends in the surf in the employee section of the beach. A strong swimmer, Charles ventured farther out into the surf. Shortly afterward, he was attacked by a shark approximately 130 yards from shore. Lifeguards Chris Anderson and Capt. George White took a lifeboat out to rescue him and, as they reached him, Charles shouted to them that a shark bit off his legs. They pulled him into the boat and realized that both of his legs appeared to be gone below the knee. Charles passed away from severe blood loss while in the boat on the way to shore.

Charles is interred at the Atlantic View Cemetery in Manasquan.